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Fairy Bread Day


Back in the day (November 24th, 2014 to be precise), founder Adam Schell was enjoying a snack of Fairy Bread and jokingly said, “There should be a day to celebrate this!”.  “Well mate, why don’t you make one?”, was his friend’s response. That simple moment was how Fairy Bread came to exist and be celebrated every year on November 24th. Each year, avid Fairy Bread lovers get together, create their favourite version of this iconic treat and make a donation to support Australian Children’s charities.

In 2020, we were asked to take over the reins – a proud moment for us. Fairy Bread is so quintessentially Australian and as an Australian manufacturer of the key fairy bread ingredient - 100s and 1000s, it just seemed like the perfect fit!


We partnered with ReachOut Australia as the day’s official charity partner for the amazing work they do supporting youth mental health programs. In 2023, we partnered with The Pyjama Foundation, an organisation dedicated to helping Aussie Foster Kids achieve their dreams.


Fairy Bread evokes meaning in so many people. Whether it’s the nostalgic throwback from your own childhood or present-day kid's parties, it’s inherently fun and a light-hearted way to raise money for such a worthwhile cause.


For more information about how to get involved, visit

Here’s how we love our Fairy Bread!

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