Dollar Sweets manufactures a diverse range of products. Our bestselling lines are iconic favourites that can be found in almost every Australian grocery outlet. Products like our Extra Strong Peppermints and 100s and 1000s have been enjoyed by Aussies for decades.

Sprinkles and Mix-Ins

100s and 1000s (190g)
Bright (150g)
Choclettes (150g)
Rainbow Sprinkles
100s and 1000s (350g)
Natural 100s and 1000s
Jurassic Bitz
Bright (90g)
Magic Star Tops
Choc Minis
Choclettes (115g)
Silver Cachous
Unicorn Sprinkles
Pirate Treasure Toppings
Fairy Sweetheart Toppings
Rainbow Popping Toppings
Gold Delight
Dollar 5s
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Fondants & Frosting

Coloured Fondant Multipack
Chocolate Mirror Glaze
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Icing Toppers

Unicorns and Rainbows
Mini Ladybirds
Mini Flowers
Edible Cake Plaque
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Edible Decorations

Silver Shimmer Spray
Gold Shimmer Spray
Shimmer Powder
Lollipop Cake Toppers
Edible Gold Leaf
Edible Candy Eyeballs
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Refreshing Spearmints (150g)
Extra Strong Peppermints (150g)
Fizzy Fruits (150g)
Musks (150g)
Spearmints (25g)
Peppermints (25g)
Fizzy Fruits (25g)
Musks (25g)
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Baking Accessories

Large Striped Patty Pans
Large Polka Dot Patty Pans
Large Coloured Patty Pans
White Muffin Wraps
Silver Patty Pans
Small Chevron Patty Pans
Mini Polka Dot Patty Pans
Mini Coloured Patty Pans
Hip Hip Hooray Cupcake Kit
White Muffin Cases
Party Cups
Party Candles
Piping Bag Kit
Cake Boards
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Seasonal Products

We have the ability to supply a large range of seasonal lines on request (minimum order requirements apply).
• Christmas
• Easter
• Halloween
• Valentine’s Day...

Packaging Options

Our products are available in a variety of packaging formats suitable for both large and small quantities.
From easy-pour compartment jars, to bulk-packed individually wrapped units.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.



22 Purton Rd, Pakenham VIC 3810, Australia


Tel: +61 3 5945 0500


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