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Sparkle Slime

Slime should always be made under adult supervision.

Slime is not edible.


1 x 118ml bottle Elmer’s School Glue (available from Woolworths)

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

3 cups shaving cream Gel-based blue food colouring

Bausch & Lomb Renu Fresh contact lens solution (available from chemists)*

Blue sugar from Dollar Sweets Monster 5s or Creative Kitchen Pirate Treasure Toppings


Combine glue, bicarb and 60ml of water in a large bowl, mix well. Add shaving cream and mix well.

Add food colouring and mix well, adding more until the desired colour is reached. Add contact lens solution, ½ tbsp at a time mixing very well with each addition until the slime comes away from the side of the bowl and is sticky to the touch but comes away from the hand (you will need to add about 2 tbsp in total).

Sprinkle over the blue sugar.


N.B you can also make pink slime using pink food colouring and the pink sugar from Dollar Sweets Fairy 5s or Creative Kitchen Fairy Sweetheart Toppings

* If you use another brand check ingredients to ensure it contains boric acid and sodium borate as these ingredients activate the slime.

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