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Burnt Butter Nutella Madeleines

Burnt Butter Nutella Madeleines

Makes 18

You will need an 18 hole madeleine tin for this recipe


150g butter, plus a tiny bit extra to grease the tins

2 tbsp skim milk powder

4 eggs

100g caster sugar

150g Nutella, plus extra to decorate

80g plain flour, plus a tiny bit extra to flour the tins

80g hazelnut meal

Dollar Sweets Choclettes, to decorate


Preheat the oven to 180ºC (160ºC fan). Brush melted butter into 18 madeleine tin holes. Sprinkle with flour then turn over a sink and tap gently to remove any excess flour.

Melt 150g butter in a heavy-based saucepan over medium heat. Watch very carefully, as soon as you see the butter becoming a medium golden colour, add the skim milk powder, stir into the butter and cook for a further 1-2 mins or until the liquid becomes a deep golden colour. Remove from the heat immediately and pour the butter and milk solids (they will look like breadcrumbs - this is OK!) into a bowl to cool completely.

Combine the eggs and caster sugar in a large bowl and use an electric mixer to whisk on high until pale and thick (about 7-8 mins of whisking). Add the Nutella and whisk until just combined. Fold through the flour, a generous pinch of salt and the hazelnut meal then pour in the cooled butter and solids and mix until just combined. Cover and refrigerate for 30 mins to allow the batter to thicken.

Divide the mixture between the tins (about 1 tbsp in the centre of each hole) and bake for 12-15 mins until springy in the centre. Immediately turn out madeleines onto a cooling rack and once cool enough to handle, dip into Nutella and sprinkle with Choclettes to serve. Best served warm from the oven!

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