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Pirate's Treasure Chest

Pirate's Treasure Chest

Makes 1 Treasure Chest


6 Kit Kats

Mini Oreos

Edible Gold Spray

Creative Kitchen Gold Delight gold sugar (sand)

Dollar Sweets Popping Toppings (sand)

Creative Kitchen Gold Delight gold stars or pearls

Creative Kitchen Edible Glue

Dark chocolate, melted


To make gold coins, arrange mini Oreos on a baking tray and spray with edible gold spray. Set aside to dry.

To assemble the treasure chest, place one Kit Kat (ridges side down) in the centre of a small board with a long side facing you.

Dip a pastry brush in melted chocolate, tapping off any excess, and brush the edges of the two long edges of face-down Kit Kat. On each edge press a Kit Kat (ridges side out) to form the long edges of the chest – you can use a rolling pin or containers to prop up the Kit Kats until the chocolate has dried.

Take 2 of the remaining Kit Kats and make a straight cut across the short length about ¾ of the way. Discard (or eat!) the ¼ pieces. Brush the cut ¾ edges with melted chocolate and press against the short edges of the flat Kit Kat to create the short edges of the chest. Use containers to prop up the Kit Kats until dry.

Once the chocolate has set, fill the chest with the Oreo gold coins. Brush the top of the length of Kit Kat farthest from you with melted chocolate. Snap off one finger of the remaining Kit Kat (you can eat this one too!), keep the remaining fingers and rest the edge on the wet chocolate edge to form the lid of the chest. Allow to dry completely.

Scatter a few extra gold coins at the base of the chest, arrange a few gold stars or pearls on the Oreos for sparkle (using the Edible Glue to stick) and scatter the Popping Toppings and/or gold sugar around the base of the chest for sand.

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