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Redskin Daiquiri

Redskin Daiquiri

Makes 2

You will need to prepare this cocktail the day before


1 x 700ml bottle vodka

12 Allen’s Redskin lollies

350g frozen strawberries

50g caster sugar

Coles Stockings with Red and Green Sprinkles



Pour 100ml from the bottle of vodka (reserve for another drink or drink it straight away!) and push the Redskins into the bottle. Replace the lid and allow to sit overnight for the Redskins to flavour the vodka.

When ready to serve, combine 150ml of the Redskin vodka in a high-powered blender with frozen strawberries and sugar. Blend until smooth.

Drizzle honey over a plate and dip the rim of two coupe glasses.

Pour the red sanding sugar from the Coles Stockings with Red and Green Sprinkles into bowl and dip the honey rims into the sugar to coat.

Divide the daquiri between the glasses and serve immediately.


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